Things mending

©2022 Michael Raven

I’m getting better, starting to kick off this heavy veil of coronavirus and, whether it is just lingering fatigue or what have you, I find myself more easily irritated than usual. There’s a lingering fog that doesn’t truck with stupidity very well and it shows. Not that I’m brilliant at this stage, and maybe because I know my own limitations in active braincell centers, but dumb shit gets me muttering under my breath and waving an imaginary cane at the young whippersnappers who dare bring these things to my attention. Gawddammit, git offa my lawn!

I’ll go to bed early again and keep hoping for the wonderful dream deciding to step into my headspace for all or part of the night. I’ll be less sick on the morrow and less prone to stick-waving at trees the look a heck of lot like people when you’re as old and deranged as people like me tend to be.

Anyway, just gonna keep it short and sweet. Let all my imaginary hordes (legions?) of fans worried for my health know that I am fairly certain I’m going to make it.

Hope y’all are doing marvey and not catching the grunge. It’s not fun, son, no not at all.

Now will someone tell me why WordPress screwed up their editor formatting for my current theme so that there is no whitespace on either margin? Again? (published page is fine, it’s all in the editor).

4 thoughts on “Things mending

    1. Thank you. The weird side-effect that I was mentioning to someone is that not only do I feel slightly stoned yesterday and today, but things taste… odd. An example is the strawberry yogurt cup I had for dessert tonight. It tasted like strawberry yogurt, but this time more strawberry than yogurt. I’d have taken it as a batch issue, but other things have twisted in taste too. Not in a bad way, but more of in an adventurous way. I wonder if that slice of cheddar will taste the same as it did last night…

      Anyway — keep yourself hale and hearty.

      Weird… sudden craving for mead, of all things.

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      1. Mead’s an easy sell on me. My fiancee, TJ, and I love mead and in Lancaster, PA they have a meadery and axe throwing bar, Meduseld. Great stress relief, incredible meads with flavors always changing.

        As to the cheddar and strawberry, welp, time will tell and hopefully the palette will cleanse itself with the rest of you.

        You do the same, bud! Get better.

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