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It is rounding around that time again when the house will become emptied of everyone but myself and seven ornery cats who expect to be fed five times a day (when they’ve never been fed more than three times a day). Next week, I will experience a temporary empty nest and, unlike the past few years, I’m not looking to fill up my freedom with social engagements that I am normally unable to pursue because of, well, seven demanding cats and three kids.

Instead, I think I might make other plans.


Nothing at all.

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Of course, that’s not entirely true. Or true at all, really.

What I plan to do is finish up the final episode’s BGM and sound effects for the collaborative thing I’ve doing with a few people that will eventually have the feel of a visual graphic novel. I’ve been stuck on episode 4 of 5 this past week — I’m coming up with plenty of concepts, just none that work with the story’s groove. Episode 5 came to me quite easily and it pretty much went as I wanted and expected. I actually can’t wait to have someone hear that episode. The others are a bit of a mixed bag, but that might be me being overly critical of my own work. IDK. I’m rarely a good judge of my own efforts, writing or music.

But episode 5 is almost exactly on Point (pun intended, as this is the name of the short story) in my honest and humble opinion. Episode 3 is decent, followed by episode 2. Episode 1… well… I have never done BGM before and this is my virgin effort. I’d probably approach things differently with what I’m learned since.

But episode 4 has been a tough nut to crack. It should probably have a wistful sadness to it, which I can’t seem to capture in the ideas I’ve come up with. So, assuming I don’t have a flash of inspiration before everyone skedaddles from this household, I need to get that last bit of collaboration wrangled when the house is empty.

The other thing I have “planned” is to take some vacation from work while everyone is away. Turn off notifications, refuse to log in. They can survive without me for two days.


I might sign off from the internet entirely for a day or three and do some focused NaNo-level writing without interruptions. I don’t know that anyone needs (or wants) to have my normal levels of spleen-spilling so much that they can’t survive without me in their lives for two days (for those who can’t possibly survive without Michael Raven in their feed, I plan to schedule a few posts beforehand — here’s a barf bag… you had to know THAT was coming, LOL).

Or maybe… I just do a whole lot of focused nothing.

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    1. We’ll see if it sees the light of day. It is currently an iteration of something that I walked away from recently. I may throw up a little in my mouth when I sit down to write and run away to video games. Or reading someone else’s writing. 😉

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