go south

©2022 Michael Raven

in the library of dreams
ghosts attempt
to hold back
southernly walks
in the pouring rain

a long way
to go still
i play their games
and ignore the calling
my fylgja caged

but tonight...?

8 thoughts on “go south

  1. I was just researching the fylgja for my short story this week. It feels like something I need to write a lot more about. I love how you so seamlessly weave myth and legend into your poetry. It’s inspiring.

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    1. I saw that!

      I know my approach and thinking is probably more broad than the currently-accepted attested understanding of fylgja, but it is one of one of the more exciting words I found in the past few years (namely because I’d found others of a similar nature felt inadequate).

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        1. Some of the work is all about getting people on board to become a routine, but we’re at the ramp-up stage on some work and there are some personalities that, in their diligence to show they are diligent, they have manufactured some drama that was mostly settled already in discussions they were not privy to.

          : eyeroll :

          Have a good one, Harshi. 😀

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