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Well, so far, this is closer to what I expected in terms of install for my fiber internet. Recall: it was supposed to be installed on Saturday, but wasn’t — a fact that the technician failed to inform me was going to be the case when he decided to have me rescheduled.

Email received ten minutes shy of his arrival and earlier than expected (in the morning, I was expecting another all-day affair). Pleasant guy to talk to, willing to drop the internet into the house where I ask (not the most ideal location for them, but no arguments at all). Willing to correct my misunderstanding about how fiber works without making me feel like an idiot (these days, now they run fiber right up to the house instead of using copper for the last leg of the trip from the junction). Asks if he can park up the driveway. Seems competent instead of a noob (one Xfinity installer had to have all of his work redone because he did installed it incorrectly, which prompted the new tech to say that he should be fired for what he left behind).

I am back to being more impressed. We’ll see how I feel when the work is done. If I have screaming hot internet speeds, I probably will be happy.

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