Less than impressed

©2022 Michael Raven

I would love to say that I am swimming in internet happiness at this moment, but it would be a lie. Yesterday’s installation of fiber internet suffered from a setback and delay.

Too bad that no one bothered to inform me that the installation was pushed back until Tuesday.

I got up early on a Saturday to get ready, which was less fun than it might be due to some restless sleep, because I was told my window for install was between 7am and 3pm. I got a phone call around 7.30 am telling me the install window had closed down to 8am to noon. Even better! Then I got the inevitable call saying, “sorry there has been a delay and the install will happen this afternoon.” Bummer, but still fine.

And then the waiting went in after noon. And waiting. And waiting.

I checked the webpage several times and yep, I was still scheduled for July 2 install. By 5.30, I still hadn’t seen anyone, so I started a customer service chat, initially with a bot. I hurt the bot’s brain, so it sent me to a real person. The real person said that the install is scheduled for July 5.

I scratched my head. Umm, just five minutes before, I could swear it still said July 2. Checking…


She informed me that there was “an internal issue that needed to be resolved” before they could install my internet. When asked why no one bothered to inform me of the move of install date, she couldn’t say anything other than to admit that wasn’t how something like this normally proceeded. Usually, the technician would notify for delays like that. Well, I said, I wasn’t impressed with this technician’s decision to forgo following protocol. I wasted a day when I could have done other chores around the house’s exterior.

While the customer service representative via chat was prompt, I am less than impressed with how this has gone so far.

My guess?

The our area is relatively new for this provider. They have a presence, but my guess is that no one has actually requested and install along the right-of-way on our block and they need to have a linesman come in and install fiber on the last couple of hundred meters behind the house, which probably requires more than home installing technicians can handle. The provider has been here since before the pandemic, but honestly, not much more than six months before it dropped into our laps two years ago. And, say what you will about Minnesotans, but they tend not to break things that aren’t broken — so we don’t change things like ISPs until they piss us off or it quits working.

So, that “internal issue” was a bit more of a “significant issue” that couldn’t be solved on a Saturday prior to the Fourth of July holiday.

But that doesn’t excuse leaving me hanging. Hopefully Tuesday goes on without another “internal issue” that pushes it back even further. Or, if one occurs, hopefully someone bothers to contact me instead of leaving me hanging.

8 thoughts on “Less than impressed

  1. I can completely relate to this Michael! We had a similar experience getting internet installed in our hill home.

    That and solar panelling. It was a complete mess.

    Chin up my friend. At the end, it’ll be totally worth it!

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement.

      I’m hoping the gigabyte speeds make me forget this faux pas. The company in question does not have a much better reputation than the one I left after being a customer for over twenty years, but I figured we’d give them a chance. Fingers crossed this is the only frustration.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been enduring bad connectivity for the past month or so, I think I’ll survive for a few more days…

      But, at the time, I felt like i was reliving tales of cable guys from the 90s all over again. 🙄

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