My kingdom for a reliable ISP!

©2022 Michael Raven

Here we are again. Sigh.

Longtime readers might recall that in late September of last year I had an unresolvable issue with Comcast/Xfinity. Essentially, after a weather event, my internet connection went wonky. I listened to the helpless desk at the ISP tell me that it was likely a modem issue and went right out and bought a new, top of the line modem. Which worked.

For about six hours.

I spent more time than I care to remember on the phone taking to multiple people who did not speak English as a primary language, explaining to them that yes, we’ve been through all of these steps about 30 times that you are trying to take me through and, yes, it works for as little as fifteen minutes or as much as six hours, but I really, really, really think that something happened outside of my home regardless of whether or not your computer shows you have a fault or service interruption in the area. I dealt with them making service call appointments that did not fall within the timeline they promised, only to have them cancel (against my expressed wishes) the service appointment because my internet was “fixed” for fifteen minutes.

After 20 years of being a customer who meekly dealt with their bullshit price hikes and data caps, I had had enough. I went out and set myself up for T-Mobile’s 5G gateway internet.

Which…. when it worked… was fantastic. The problem was, from the beginning: starting around dinner, the service would drop in and out. At first, it seemed like I had a faulty gateway (which did give up the ghost in January). And things were mostly resolved since then, but then June 2022 came around.

It might be coincidental, but about the same time that school stopped, we returned to the 5-6pm dropouts that lasted until the wee hours. Perhaps it is the warmer weather? More people home for dinner using their 5G phones? I don’t know. But the past week has been almost unbearable to try and use the internet after 5pm. I have to switch to my phone to access most online services. Ironically, I think I get my service from the very same mobile tower and my phone works fantastic most days.

Last night was insufferable. Problems have been steadily occurring earlier and earlier in the afternoon. By 3.30pm the internet was rubbish through the gateway.

So, I caved.

I’m going to try out one of the fiber internet providers starting this weekend. Slightly less in price than Xfinity and slightly more than T-mo. Month-to-month. I’ve been reluctant to give this company a chance because they have a similar customer service reputation as Xfinity. But, the promise of near gigabyte speeds and bandwidth, with a service that inclement weather will have a lesser impact on (heavy snowfall or rains sometimes gimped or killed the 5G gateway) without evening dropouts… Well, I might as well give them a chance, too.

At least they don’t have data caps, the dumbest thing in the world to implement during a fricking pandemic (I’m looking at you, Xfinity).

I’ll make a measured assessment of the service over the holiday weekend and follow up here.

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