no more troubadours

©2022 Michael Raven

no more
their lutes left
to rot in the rain
their lovesick
verse given
to the flame

off to mountains
and hermitage
no more troubadours

9 thoughts on “no more troubadours

  1. Reminds me of our open mike music and poetry scene in Frederick, MD. We used the word “troubadour” even then and felt the slow demise of our art, while creating feverishly in arms, usually over pints after open mike. Such a beautiful time I’ll always treasure and miss. Viva la troubadour…

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  2. This brings back a familiar feeling-a deep burning desire to return to a life I’ve never actually known. A life where creating art is my only purpose, being allowed to let it to course through me and burst forth in anyway it will. A life of sitting around bonfires and freely singing, dancing, reciting poetry created before or in the moment. A life that I’m terribly wistful for despite it never having been.

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    1. I know the feeling all too well. I often feel misplaced out of time, although I am certain that some of the accounts of such things are overly romanticized (in the same way the Romani lifestyle tends to be a favorite of that kind of treatment). And yet…

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      1. Agreed. History hasn’t been kind to women…maybe what I crave is a time and place not of long ago but rather more of the once upon a time variety. I’ve always been fascinated by Norse mythology, but it’s beauty is matched only by its brutality. Same with Renaissance period, the explosion of art came with tremendous violence and control. I want something else entirely…

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