Secret Posts to Nobody

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Let me try this again.

[Again? When was the first time?]

Secrets, baby. Secrets.

I was just writing a post about having so many private posts for an iteration of a blog that is only two years old (something more than 100, something less than 500) that… well… went privately posted.

I don’t want to get into the deep part of it, but the gist was: I do a lot of writing that, for whatever reason, seemed like a good idea to post about until I get partway through the post (or finish it and move on to the edit stage) that just needs to go to the private bucket.

Without explaining the exact problems here, let’s just say that the bulk of those private posts have to deal with my spiritual journey and trying to explain it. The problem is, I dislike the tone more often than I like it. The posts are either too commonplace and feel like adding more chaff to what is already out there, or they smell like that chaff. Or smell more like the end-product of a pig eating chaff…

And yet, I sometimes just the corn-ball idea that someone else might benefit from my more in depth musing. So… I keep writing these posts that go to private worlds, never to be seen by anyone at all (once I realize I’m probably sounding like a pompous twit).

So tell me in the comments, how many posts do you think you average a year that have a kernel of something that might be worthwhile, so you save it for possible resurrection later on as a private post?

  • Between none and 10 a year
  • Between 11 and 25 a year
  • Between 26 and 50 a year
  • Between 51 and 100 a year
  • TMTC (Too Many To Count)

Make me feel good and admit that you post to private a ton of drivel that isn’t ready for prime time. Or call me out for my excessive clandestine word usage and being a sniveling little rat-faced git.

10 thoughts on “Secret Posts to Nobody

  1. In terms of a post being draft which I don’t post eventually… I have two such posts in existence. But I do a lot of my writing in my Notes app and copy and paste to WP. Now THOSE number… a lot. A lot, a lot. Periodically I go back and delete or whine to myself about the contents or debate posting or even partially post some of it. I couldn’t tell you a number because at one point of particular self-loathing, I went and deleted a BUNCH of work. Sight unseen deleting. I have no idea what I deleted but it was a lot. At another point I combined a bunch so that numbers slur and melt together.

    All said: you’re not alone.

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  2. Got to love the Pythons!
    Good question. As you know I tend to fall into the ‘write – post – forget about it’ category. Plus it very depends on where exactly I am (mentally not physically obviously!). When I have edited to publish I sometimes think that it’s all a load of crap, just empty meaningless words that have fallen onto a page…but then sometimes I feel that if just one other person gets something from it then that’s ok. Occasionally I re-read something and think ‘ooh, that’s not bad’!
    But there’s been a LOT of stuff that I’ve binned over the years (and plenty more scrapped before the final word has hit the page), so yes, I guess it’s all of us.

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    1. You’re another. Whew! I seriously looked at what I posted privately a while back and was horrified at the numbers. And, after two yesterday, I seriously wondered if I was there norm or an outlier.

      It’s looking like I may fit inside the bell curve.

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  3. I have few on WP but most live in my journals or in my notes app. So many notes. I do go back on occasion and see if I can decipher the little snippets I left behind…words I scribbled quickly I thought might spark the bigger idea I saw but couldn’t quite grasp in the moment. For me…I think I might never develop them, but if they are good they find their way into something else later like the weasels they are. Yeah, I think. you aren’t alone here friend. I only wish I could be as prolific as you are. It’s seriously inspiring.

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    1. Ahh, good, several people now — I’m not entirely bonkers.

      I think I just overshare my writing. I’m sure there are people who have stopped following me because of the prolific nature of my writing. LOL.

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