Earthsongs in the head

©2022 Michael Raven

Returning to earthsongs.

Untethering the mind from the framework that rigidly applies modern perceptions to past — working momentarily on twisting time from straight to cyclic and tying in the moonmind and the sunwise. Reeducate the brain to new rhythms and cull the artificial threads constricting. Tick tock the clocks as they lay shattered in my head. Splinters notwithstanding.

One new thinking is the trust in self to learn new things in all things. First, changing habits, breaking the old to embrace the Elder. Then going beyond even that. Weary of waiting for the new moon to rise, time to shake it up, baby. Twist and shout.

Stop the classical thinking. That’s too/two. Kick out the old empire thinking, the old assimilations. Leave the graves and see fresh eyes and with jazz hands. Time to talk to the stones: they know.

Dancing on razor wire. See you on the other slice.

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