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Second thoughts about the landing page. Seems busy… I like the background image, but that’s about it this morning.

I want a more minimalist feel. [Frustrated and pensive “Hrm” noise here].

WordPress is a bit baffled by my mobile composing issue. To be fair, they’ve been really responsive, but I seem to have managed to break something that unloading/loading the theme doesn’t seem to fix. I’m tempted to try another fully-editable theme and see if that helps with my issue as I don’t think I am really using much of the theme aside from the typography. And, playing around with the current iteration has given me a better understanding that I think might make the next iteration better.

Outside of these issues, I’ve been encountering several setbacks this morning, between work not being ready for me to divide and conquer, to my eldest forgetting her wallet/money/bus pass on the first day of a summer class she is taking downtown. She didn’t realize this until she got to the bus stop (requires about 10 minute drive to get to) and was going to miss her scheduled bus if she came back home and got everything she needed, so I ended up driving her downtown during rush hour, which is what I was trying to avoid by teaching her how to ride the bus in the first place.

Meeting up with an old friend I haven’t seen in thirty-five years or so this afternoon for coffee. Part of me feels awkward about the whole thing, but that’s probably just me being an introvert.

Happy summer solstice everyone.

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