Site updated (still WiP)

©2022 Michael Raven

I’m relatively pleased with how the renovation of the site has moved along. Check out the new home/landing page when you get a chance by clicking here and let me know how it feels for you. Then either follow the breadcrumbs or buttons for the blog or click here and see how that feels for you.

It feels cleaner to have the top-level category list on the front end than it did in a side-bar. A few other minor details helped to clean it up as well. I plan to make a few post templates to garner more control over the reoccurring themes such as the mushin poetry and I’m planning on utilizing tags a bit more often.

Now that I feel the look is more representative of who I am, I’ll probably go through and clean up some of the other elements that really ought to be managed. Additionally, I plan to start to work on a different project in my spare time — I expect it will take at least a year to pull together, maybe longer. The details still need to be fleshed out, but it will be a refocus and deep dive into some of the things that interest me: shamanic, neolithic and, mesolithic spiritual practices combined with poetry and poetic prose. The occasional piece may accidentally or intentionally emerge here, but the bulk of it will be kept under wraps as I develop it.

And… right now, that is about all I am willing to divulge about that project. Assuming I can get my ducks in a row, I think it has the potential to be an exciting endeavor.

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