A fresh coat of paint

©2022 Michael Raven

Well, as threatened, I am modifying the look and feel of the site (which may not be viewable via the typical method of reading for the bulk of the people visiting here: the WordPress feed). That’s okay, I’m just hoping to give the site a fresher look for those people who visit the actual site instead of the feed — I’m trying to make it look more fresh and up to date instead of stuck pre-2010 (with multiple columns and useless things that most people don’t bother with when they do actually come to visit, like “past posts” and category threads).

Eventually, I plan to have a landing page instead of a “straight to blog” jump. There, I can redirect first-timers to the blog, to stuff like the runes (and, eventually, ogham or other more esoteric notions), fiction that is not in-line blog stuff and almost-professional author-type-stuff.

Essentially, I want something cleaner-looking that what has been here to help renew my focus on what I am doing here. I’ve not absolutely decided what that is, but I have a few potential schema rattling around in my head about how I want to move forward with my writing (this is akin to when I decided I would largely leave political opinion pieces out of my blog posts; I want to refocus, not do a 180° turn). I also plan to employ “standard” graphics for different post types when I don’t have a specific image I want to use, rather than leaving the posts “image free”.

As a result, I also changed the icon for sceadugenga: I took an ancient bronze-age or Neolithic petroglyph from Sweden which is assumed to have significance with respect to the sun’s rotation, seasons and related cosmologic significant, heavily modified the appearance so it appears more like an icon, and used it to replace the various ravens I’ve used to represent the site. It’s cleaner and has symbolic importance as a pointer to where I plan to try and take myself and the site (at least the initial noodlings I’ve had about how I want to refocus myself).

I chose a template that is more “beta”, as it employs the block structure WordPress is moving towards to create whole-site editing. It’s imperfect and not intuitive, but I can see the power it will eventually provide if I elect to continue with the “blocks” and “whole site editing”. One example of something causing me minor grief is that the editor in the mobile app for Android is giving me white-text-on-white-background, making it impossible to write a post on my phone. I put in a support ticket and they quickly responded with more questions (disclosure: I currently have a paid WordPress-hosted site, which increases responsiveness).

Other issues are basically just learning the “syntax” of the new editor and where to find things in their new places, how best to tweak settings when they appear in multiple places. I’m sure that will all get resolved as the new editor moves out of beta, but it does add a layer of frustration for people who don’t want to futz around with their blog and just want to get down to writing.

I like futzing.

Anyway — let me know if you see anything that is really “done broke” and I’ll try to fix it. Or, I might be fixing it already, but it is good to know in case I didn’t see it. As mentioned, the site itself will continue to evolve over the coming weeks.

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