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I might be tweaking the look and feel of the site over this weekend. Chances are, I’ll break at least one thing in the process. Or, I’ll go through a ton of effort just to decide I like it the way it is.

I just wanted to let you know in advance: You are not going mad, I’m just wanting a refresh.

4 responses to “Forewarning”

    • Oh, the same for me. And, as frustrating as it can sometimes be, I actually enjoy tinkering with things behind the scenes (another element I miss about having a self-hosted site over a WordPress-hosted site).

      Happy weekend to you too, Hedy.


    • HA! Probably not all that intriguing after everything is said and done. I’m quite possibly too old school with my blogging themes, but I’m feeling the urge to put on a fresh coat of paint.

      We’ll see if it ends up being the same old “linen” tone by the end of it all.

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