ogham poem | cert / ceirt / queirt ᚛  ᚊ  

©2022 Michael Raven

aicme hÚatha/fifth few

many people are
quite enthralled with
manufactured glamour
made up & dressed
to kill

that beauty revealed
early mornings
as the dawn dances
in the curtain
& on your
sleeping face...


These ogham poems are an exploration into understanding a mystic alphabet sometimes used for divination in a manner similar to runes, tarot, and etc. It is part of my continued investigation into understanding the Old Ways, and not meant to imply I have expert knowledge about ogham. In fact, any meaning I ascribe to a given few may be largely based on personal reflection, meditation and shamanic visualization. The meanings I apply are highly personal and may not follow the meanings assigned by scholars of the writing system.

5 thoughts on “ogham poem | cert / ceirt / queirt ᚛  ᚊ  

  1. Re: Adelheid (and your response) – it all depends on how subtle you feel.you can be. The first stanza is sort of implied in the second…it’s just that some people need a sledgehammer to crack a nut, as they say.

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    1. I’ve a history of jamming things down people’s throats and holding their mouth closed until they swallow whatever that might be. I’m trying to find a more artful approach, occasionally succeeding, so I see my own writing through that lens. But, you are very correct in saying that dropping a 2-tonne ACME weight on people’s heads is sometimes just as, or more, effective than subtlety. Have a great morning/afternoon, Chris. 🙂

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