©2022 Michael Raven

i want to be
a razor's edge
slipping through
shadows to the
'twixt & 'tween

4 thoughts on “thinner/

  1. I like this idea of anonymity, Michael. When I finished work my ideal would have been to have slipped quietly out of the back door. Fortunately we were still under ‘restrictions’ so celebrations(?) were muted!

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    1. “The introvert is strong in this one…” 😉

      It does feel awkward when your in a room of extroverts and you really would prefer to slip under everyone’s radar. I feel massive levels of angst anytime someone corners me at work and forces me into conversation as if everyone must have absolutely hated the past few years with the Work From Home protocols.

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      1. Personally I quite like it! Odd hours and strange engagement with others but it was good to enjoy the silence…and I’m sick of hearing phrase like ‘it’s great to be back again’ or ‘I’ve missed this’!

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