Pulling up stakes elsewhere

©2022 Michael Raven

Pulling back.

If you follow me on other platforms, please note that I my presence elsewhere is going to diminish as I refocus my energies. I am going to wean myself off from the other places so (hopefully) by the solstice I am not feeling like I am scattered quite so much. That, and the other venues have mixed value to me — I get some feel-goods and meet some really fascinating people, but I am finding those other venues are prone to balancing out feelgood with angst and the sum of which leans towards angst.

I am mostly not on Instagram already. I’ll probably uninstall soon, as I am tired of TikTok reposts of quick-change makeovers as I scroll past the limited content I do prefer.

Now that certain commitments have come and passed on Twitter, I will be continuing to diminish my activity there — I’ve decreased already, but now it will be more noticeable.

Facebook presence as both Michael Raven and my legal name have been largely non-existent lately and I plan to continue that trend. All other venues will also see diminished presence, if I haven’t already reduced my presence to nearly nothing.

I plan to evolve Sceadugenga in some manner. I’m still tossing around ideas in my head, but it might be that I use it as a repository for some other manner of “stuff” more along the spirit/personal alchemy side as well as the poetry. Once again, I think I may return to avoiding long-form prose. I don’t have the skill, patience or temperament for it — but there is always a chance I will forget that.

In other words, by the time I hit 730 consecutive days posting here (less than 90 days from now; and I plan to continue to post at least once daily), I hope to have refocused my energies on my core values instead of spreading myself as thin as I have. By then, I may have switched over to a new site host so I can have subdomains and have greater control over the site’s functionality and content. WordPress hosting is easy-peasy, but limiting in a number of respects that having another host would eliminate.

I hope you like the upcoming modifications and, if you happen to be one of those folks who generally prefers my content on other platforms, I apologize.

2 thoughts on “Pulling up stakes elsewhere

    1. I’ll be there, just not as frequently. There are a few folks who don’t visit here that I would miss seeing if I didn’t. That said, the last couple of weeks on Twitter has had some weird negative energy where there wasn’t such a thing before (in the writing community, for me) — and maybe it’s me who’s negative, I can’t absolve myself of that — but I’ve been muting more and more people lately (occasionally outright unfollowing), so it seems time to give the Twitterverse some breathing room.

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