Ogham exploration

©2022 Michael Raven

Strange energies this past week or so. I don’t want to dig into those details here, perhaps in some other post.

But, ever inclined to follow the intuitive process, I reached out to the aether because I was compelled to and was not disappointed in the response. A tsunami of response.

I’ve been digging again because it was time to resume digging and found a few things I’ve been overlooking. One of those things was that I have been meaning to educate myself more in the ogham because I see some parallels with runes. I have one (mostly scholarly) book on the subject and access to several others (of a lesser scholarly variety) and I’ve just been not “in the right mindset” to dig into them. Then, of all things, a #vss365 prompt yanked me out of my lassitude and matched up with the itch in the back of my head. It was time.

The prompt, in case you were interested, was “aspen” and was more likely meant to point to a name than a tree based on the community’s response (which is fine). But I wrote:

This poem was based on some folklore about aspen guiding the dead to be reborn in some Northern European traditions. I didn’t know about this before writing, but I was wanting to write about some folklore and it came up in my mini-research. And it got me to thinking about other trees.

Ogham are often directly tied to trees because of recent tradition, not supported by any actual evidence. Again, I don’t have much of a bone to pick about this, other than people should understand that this is a relatively recent theory (<100 years old) that has been argued as being merely misleading to an outright disastrous travesty of scholarship. So it goes, as Vonnegut would say.

Anyway, this tangent was what my inner psyche craved, so I’m currently on ogham as a mission of understanding. Hence, the ogham poem last night with respect to beithe, or the ogham associated with “birch”. I haven’t decided just how I plan to go about exploring the ogham, but I’ll probably do a series of pages like I did with the Elder Futhark, more to get my own head wrapped around the more mystical meanings and possible hidden language than out of any true scholarship (in other words, I doubt you’d ever read a book written by me about runes or ogham, I’ll leave that task to others who crave that kind of authorship).

Anyway, the nice thing about this is how it returns my interest in another book I have read in my collection about the Celtic cosmology. After I dig in on and explore ogham, I think I may return to that book and re-read it to use it to inform my increased understanding of ogham. That book is very scholarly by my recollection, and will offset some of the more fictional and fantastic elements of the few resources I have at my disposal with respect to ogham.

Just a quick explanation where my head is for when you visit the site.

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