lonesome country road/

lonesome country road/

©2022 Michael Raven

the world moves slow
that familiar riff repeats
takes me back takes me back
that freedom time
dervish twirling on
that pow wow highway
spinning & hair in wind
pushing through the day like
fires raging summer hot day
sanctuary under veil, smile
hot road naphthalene
rising over ravens
cornrow watching midday

7 responses to “lonesome country road/”

    • Indeed. It’s an old riff that captivated me from the first time I heard it back in the mid-80s. It’s been playing in my head since I saw a semi-live recent rendition of it on YouTube the other day and it brings me to a place in my mind located in nowheresville plains Upper Midwest Plains, biker leather on, long hair, and getting down with some earthsoul.


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