without end/

©2022 Michael Raven

every space is touch
fingers mine along
your spine dancing
upon worlds without

8 thoughts on “without end/

      1. Thanks, man. This was back in 1989 and we were done before we began. We were a would-be punk band looking for something between Dag Nasty and Uniform Choice. We were nowhere close, lol, but the name rocked. I played drums, even if it was a short while.

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        1. I’ve been in several of those bands. About the same time period too 🤣

          “Nicotine Flower” was one name. Cross between Joy Division, Cure, All, and Huskers. I was learning how to migrate from bass to guitar and it wasn’t pretty.


  1. LMAO !! I get that. Funny enough, we fell apart because we needed a bassist. We had a handful of songs written and three attempted at recording with only one gelling. It never came together, even with two guitarists and one transitioning to bass. Unfortunately, the bass player got his groove after they announced our breakup. I wasn’t notified of the breakup, doh!

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