some alchemy

©2022 Michael Raven

I asked the world under for some thoughts. They came,


There, the iridescent black feather falls over water. I catch it in my hand and brandish it like a cape, tossing it over my shoulders. I am shadow within the the dawn, looking out. Whispers around. One who sees, there is a calling under the doorway stone standing, beckoning with slender arms, thin fingers, olive skin. Follow me. Blackthorn hand, a balance. Slip obsidian, sharp in hand.


Striding forth, there is ash, white at my knee and two gold eyes staring back at me. I’m back! I’m back! they say. I smile, ducking under weathered rock, pretending there is sleep in my eye as I wipe away a tear. “That, I can see, stolen child.” Twining between, long drawn caress, firm embrace. We will celebrate, you and me, and I nod. “Soon. Soon,” I agree. I will push you down, you will see.


Melting skies burning fields; this is not the forest. Recognizing nothing, I follow paths under, between root, under the tree. Did you not see the signs? Of course you did, but you never see the first. Guilty, I admit, as charged. It took me five years to see the signs screaming in my eyes. This took thirty, interrupting my thoughts. I almost gave up. I promise to make amends later, but the light draws me along the path, beckoning, burning bright.


Ocean blue under blood red moons. I hear song from the before, simple stuff. I look around, in wonder, seeing cliff and rock and a storm coming in from over the waters. I turn to go back underground, wrong turns maybe made. Laughter, arms embrace I cannot break. A kiss and warm lips under my ear. Good. You came. A tug and then falling backwards into the waves, drowning with arms tangled around me. Sinking.



8 thoughts on “some alchemy

  1. “I am shadow within the the dawn”
    ” pretending there is sleep in my eye as I wipe away a tear.”
    “Of course you did, but you never see the first.”

    You’re on a roll, Michael! Exquisite, heart tugging and profound lines. The shadow within the dawn is absolutely great!

    The complete last stanza is so captivating! Please post it separately as a poem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Foy you – Michael

    Words flow from him as he types them out.
    Each thought a gem, each thought, devout.
    The world awaits to hear his song
    Some hummed softly and some sung aloud!

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  3. Stunning imagery here, Michael, which I really enjoyed sinking into. A bit like some ancient, half-forgotten myth – a warning, if you like, – of the ‘dangers’ of stepping too close to the edge. Of course the warnings are given by those who do not want us to see the true beauty of what lies deepest within us.
    Fine writing indeed.


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