A quick venting you may want to skip.

©2022 Michael Raven

I try to stay out of politics these days, even if it is almost impossible to do so with nearly anything one could say about anything.

But I can’t sit silent when full incompetence in Texas is on display. “Bullet” points instead of in-depth rant:

  • Waiting a hour to save children who may have lived because “the officers could have been shot.”
  • Selling a just-turned 18 y.o. >1500 rounds of ammo. Seller should have maybe raised an eyebrow like you would when someone has too much to drink. Oh, wait. The kid had more rights than a drunk.
  • “Thoughts and Prayers”. Period. Stupid phrase expressing nothing but hot air.
  • Changing narrative by the authorities. “Grabbing” information with respect to the investigation hardly explains the broad narrative changes.
  • Wait! Increased Conceal/Carry was supposed to prevent these kinds of things.
  • Politicians who receive legal bribes by certain special interest groups “not wanting it to be political” after they’ve made it political right up to the tragedy.
  • Gassing a parent trying to make sure their child is safe and crossing police lines. Bad optics when the police themselves are dithering in the full body armor for an hour.
  • “He had his reasons,” said mother. Refuses to elaborate. Doubt they were good enough reasons, ma.
  • “Should have just killed me instead,” says father. Maybe this is the “reason” ma refuses to discuss.
  • “If I thought it would help, I would apologize,” says DPS official. You know what, you might want to say “sorry” even if it doesn’t help, dickhead.
  • “Single entry point with armed guards” for every school will solve this, if you ask certain politicians. Also doesn’t want to “make this political”. Also gets legal bribes from gun groups.
  • “After lengthy prayers and reflection,” Lt Gov. and Gov. decide to NOT speak at NRA gathering this weekend, 100 miles away. It took “length” to come to the conclusion that would be the moral and honorable thing to do?
  • That the NRA is still holding their annual meeting alone in close proximity is a disgrace.

This whole thing is a lesson in how not to handle an active shooter in an elementary school. The incompetence is amazing. And I’ve only touched the surface of the full-on idiocy on display.

Because I am not interested in debate on this matter about anything or with anyone, comments have been turned off. No one could begin to convince me that my views are in any way wrongheaded and I don’t need bias confirmation.