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I gave a short background yesterday as to this thing I have going on in the Twitterverse. I’m actually surprised at how something about the finality of each post has actually been somewhat inspiring instead of feeling defeating.

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, the idea is that each tweet (post) can be up to 280 characters long (including spaces). No edits unless you pay for the privilege, so once it is written, your only option is to delete, which doesn’t work real well later on in the thread. It breaks the chain, so to speak.

What the Twitterature group has done has kind of put up a challenge to turn a series of tweets into a story of some sort (as I understood the purpose). On a lark, I wrote a post using SentientLine’s art of a young girl wandering through snow with her impossibly long crimson scarf dancing in the wind. It was loosely based on a rough concept from my first iteration of “Gloamfell”, a failed NaNoWriMo back in about 2018, back before I turned it into a alternative history mecha tale, which also failed.

I didn’t expect to do more than pen a few posts yesterday and let it go, honestly. Try something on for size, decide it didn’t work. Low risk.

Except… the story wouldn’t let me go after only a few posts. So I shrugged my shoulders and wrote a few more. Now, I told myself, now I am truly done with this tale. I might have been done with it, but it started to haunt me later, so I added a few more posts, just to get it out of my system.

And then I woke up this morning with errata in mind and the next steps and just fricking now got done adding a buttload more posts of 260 characters each to the tale.

Rather than post the results here, because it is visible to the public, I thought I’d just post links to the two sections (chapters? shards?) written thus far on the off chance that someone would like to torture their eyeballs with what I have written. Here you go, each section is of varying length.

gloamfell; shard 1.0

gloamfell; shard 2.0

How long will my experiment be? Shrug. Maybe I’ll get bored tomorrow. Maybe it goes on until a full novel is written. I don’t have expectations or plans. I don’t even know what happens next (well, I have an inkling, but that is apt to change, and I only have the faintest shadow of an outline in my head for the next “shard” or two). I may move it back to my non-community tweets if people complain, but I think I want to stick with the process as is, either way. I’m also thinking of breaking it into threads based on the shard, although that is technically against the community rules.

It’s a strange feeling… I think… I’m having… fun?


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