Letting sleeping dogs lie

©2022 Michael Raven

After careful consideration and moments of deep thought, I suddenly have the urge to do a gothic-styled cover of “For Your Eyes Only”, originally performed by Sheena Easton.

You should be thankful that I have zero singing skills and such an atrocity will likely never see the light of day.

But… If I could sing…

8 thoughts on “Letting sleeping dogs lie

    1. LOL. I so wish I had his baritone because I’d be all over that shit.

      I’ve got other musical commitments that I’m procrastinating on because I needed a hefty break… More engineering than music… But maybe when I get done with that… 🤔

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  1. Hmmm, didn’t know you were an engineer, wow, man! You should probably put head down and bull through the required elements then take a well-deserved break. I know all about burnout. Write some stuff in solitude, recharge, get together with some friends, drink if you’re so inclined…decompress, bro.

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    1. Amateur engineer. Always got stuck behind the board back in the 4-track era with the commandment being “make it sound good”. 4-tracks isn’t much to work with, so we got creative and still had a single track recorded for most instruments with a little bit of ping ponging.

      Much much easier with a DAW and basically unlimited tracks. But now I have to figure out all the stuff I couldn’t afford back in the day (e.g. compression).

      Fun stuff, but I end up listening to the same 15 seconds a hundred times or more before I’m okay with a sound. I’m picky.


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