burning mirrors/

©2022 Michael Raven

i tire of relying
on cyberspace
to confirm that
i'm still real

don't look :
burning mirrors

9 thoughts on “burning mirrors/

  1. Am I alive? The cyberspace shows a red dot! I love this concept, Michael! ❤️

    With your permission, I want to add a few lines of my own and pen a fresh poem which will have stanzas from both our works.

    Can you share your thoughts about burning mirrors. What does it signify?

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    1. Please feel free to modify and remix. I just appreciate credit and a link back to the original piece.

      As far as the burning mirrors go, well, I always prefer to let people form their own opinions to meanings… It can often be far more interesting than the intended meaning 😉

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  2. Michael, I’ve penned the poem and used the line of your poem – “i tire of relying
    on cyberspace to confirm that i’m still real” and given you credit for the concept. Would you like to read the poem? Shall I email it to you? Please feel free to give your input or add more lines of your own.

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    1. You can send it to my Contact page if you want, but you are also welcome to just post on your site. I’m interested in what you have done and I don’t know that I should sully the effort with my own balderdash. But if you want me to add or modify, send it to the Contact page and I’ll follow up later (I’m at the office, so I need to keep my non-work activities to a minimum while I am here).

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