Salt in wound

©2022 Michael Raven

That creeping feeling that I really should go underground for a while. A withdrawal.

But it’s not sudden like it might seem to people on the outside. It’s been percolating for a few months now and I’ve been resisting the urge to succumb to the notion of becoming significantly more scarce.

You may have noticed that I’m less manic about posting lately. Sure, I always post something, but there are fewer days where I am posting five or more pieces, even across platforms. It’s not for lack of ideas, but because I’m feeling extremely introverted compared to my normal bouts of introversion.

I’m not going to go on hiatus: that’s not my thing. But if I’m slow to comment, respond, post anything myself, or if my interaction seems stilted and short… I apologize in advance for seeming “off”.

It’s just Michael being a bit of an introverted flake after too much outreach and interaction with the larger world. I don’t people really well. And it’s starting to show.

My chronic pain isn’t helping. I don’t think I’ve felt this awful this long before. It’s, of course, likely my new normal, but my mind/body is still uncertain how to cope with this new level of discomfort. The old tricks are not working as well, probably because these are new loci for me to experience discomfort.

Oh well. Just apologizing for seeming like a jerk ahead of time… If I seem to be one, think of my lack of sleep, my pain, and my introversion. Maybe you can overlook my more salty moments if you do.

10 thoughts on “Salt in wound

  1. You do and be whomever and whatever feels best to you 💜the universe supports personal truth and yours needs to be acknowledged and validated – your pain – your feelings are all beautifully yours❤️I am sending kindness your way as you are very deserving to feel and just be ♥️

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