Shaving the yak

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It’s been a long couple of days, for whatever reason. Well, I can name a few, but those even seem too little to fill up all the empty space consumed.

You guessed it: update time.

I finally got off my duff and overcame my nerves about accepting payment for direct sales for galdr. I found a Guinea pig each for Venmo and for PayPal and I have that all underway once I worked through the individual quirks of each platform. After doing so, I made a few almost instant sales based on announcing the news to my FB friends, which was nice to see, but each wanted personalization, which lead to another bout of anxiety for me as I tried to think about how best to sign each one. Between setting everything up, making sales, signing and personalizing, packing up for shipment… eesh. That night wore me out with the stress.

And I discovered that my trip to the USPS representative to estimate the postage amount (to add as shipping and handling to direct sales copies) was for a different handling rate than I had expected. When I shipped the books out yesterday, I went with First Class, because, well, I thought she had given me First Class rates. Nope. I think she gave me media rates. While I am loath to downgrade the postage I ship these out under, I’m afraid that the media/book rate is more sensible even if it takes closer to a week to arrive (compared to a few days). I just can’t ask people to pay half the cover price of the book to ship — it is too much. So the early birds will get their books quicker than later folks and I’ll eat the difference on the profit for these first few.

That’s not to say that there will a a shit-tonne more sales, but the feedback I’ve received so far has been positive, so I’m hoping word of mouth gets me a few more sold.

Added to the anxiety was that Pixel went in to get his manhood snipped off and the whole household yesterday was in disarray as they feared the worst after the rare reaction Ghost had to the anesthetic that caused his breathing to cease during recovery and, though they performed CPR and got him alive again, he suffered from severe brain damage due to the loss of oxygen. While I adore Pixel, I was less fixated on a reoccurrence of that with him than the rest of the household because, well, Pixel likes me, but he is by no means my kitten in the way Ghost treated me. Tapping down everyone else’s anxiety was anxiety-inducing in of itself. And, the fact that he is being made to wear a cone by the vets added to the anxiety. No one really likes to see a coned cat and he’s not dealing with it well at all. I took it off and distracted him by playing with him nearly all evening last night so he could have a break, although I had made other plans before I felt bad for the little guy. Everyone else was disinterested in such things once he was confirmed safe, sound and alive (as is usually the case with these things) and it was up to me to make sure he didn’t go bonkers with the cone.

I also was invited to review an advanced reader copy (ARC) of a short-story compilation in the past few days, which is exciting. I’m about half-way through and, although I feel some of the storytelling is uneven, it is a better-than-decent collection. I’ll write more once I’ve completed reading it, as part of the arrangement I made to have the chance to read an ARC.

I’m also working on a project with someone that I hope continues to move forward so that I can share the result with you. It’s the same as what I’ve done in the past, but different as well. I’ll talk more about it when it starts to near the “finished” phase.

Like I said, busy as hell considering the number of things I actually have going on. I shouldn’t feel this far behind.

7 thoughts on “Shaving the yak

    1. You’re right, most of it is great. Pixel will be back to making up for the other cats laughing at him soon enough. He’ll beat the crap out of them for their disrespect. As far as the stuff about Ghost… well, I’ve mostly finished processing his death. His euthanisation was even more difficult to approve of than a cat I had named Buddha who, until Ghost came around, was The Best Cat Ever. Maybe I’m not as over it as I thought. I dunno.

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