mushin || day 112: non-anticipation 無期待

©2022 Michael Raven

expecting things to
be something other
than they are
often births frustration

acceptance, not anticipation

This series of writing explorations that I call mushin are an attempt to grasp the concept of mushin no shin (mind without mind, 無心の心, often shortened to mushin, or “no-mind”). I am using prompts from 365 Tao, largely because they are Zen and Tao themes for meditation (which suits this exploration), not as an endorsement for the book from which they are derived. The daily prompts can be found in this table. Anyone wishing to participate is welcome to do so, either post your own response to the prompt below or post a link to your response in the comments.

Google translate was unhelpful today, the Japanese in the title was my best guess.

2 thoughts on “mushin || day 112: non-anticipation 無期待

  1. I have trouble with that;
    i live in between past and future.
    Still trying to integrate “le moment présent”


    Sitting between two chair
    As if a third one existed.


    Strange… but I thank you. I know I passed a couple too 😥 take care

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