Up the Amazon without a paddle

©2022 Michael Raven

Amazon can’t quite seem to get their head out of their asses. Instead, they seem to burrow in deeper.

“galdr” was originally priced at $13.85 USD, nearly $4 USD more than anyone else was selling it for. Then, they partially corrected the listing and offered it at the correct price if you selected “other sellers” than the landing page, and dropped the landing page to $13.50 USD. Today, it is still $13.50 on the landing page, but the “other sellers” at the correct pricing has been removed.

Granted, from what I understand, pricing changes generally switch over on Fridays, and this might be an overall correction that resolves itself for tomorrow but, good gods, I submitted a ticket myself today on the product page indicating that other retailers were selling this for much less than listed and they were losing sales — this coming from the author on record. I’m sure the bots will ignore me, as will any humans who barely speak or read English (everything is offshored these days and the quality control is… lacking… anymore), although it really should fall under price-matching and be stupid-simple.

As a customer, I generally like Amazon because I can get things that I’d never find locally at prices that are acceptable. As an author, however, I am weary of these shenanigans and can see why some writers may elect to not sell through them.

If you are currently thinking of buying the book, I recommend using lulu.com (link on the right) or almost anyone aside from Amazon until they do some unclogging of their rectums.

One thought on “Up the Amazon without a paddle

  1. Your pain and mine are similar. I despise Amazon. The other retailers such as B&N have it figured out. Why not this mega-corp? Because they punish those who buck their system and choose other distributors. Ah well. It’s annoying. Like you say… hopefully the robots figure it out.

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