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Granted, I am not sleeping solidly at night and I’m not sure exactly why, but every time I try to get something written for fells; gate this week, it’s as if I haven’t a brain at all.

There may come a time when I have to admit that I probably should stick to poetry and shorter fiction. I seem to do well with both, but I’ve been seizing up on anything that resembles a novel.

I don’t know what it is.

So, while I’ll try to get the next section in on it, I’m warning everyone it might be a fail. Again. Unless I can scratch my way out of this cardboard box.

5 thoughts on “Blocked

    1. It is strange that it is only after a certain stage of writing long fiction for me. Poetry? No problem. Daily drek? No problem.

      I’ll keep trying, of course, but it is frustrating when I have cool ideas that seize up.

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        1. My friends under the bed caution you to. be. quiet. There are rumors of such things coming from the denizens of your closet and they are all too willing to give up your secrets.


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