Fake Money

©2022 Michael Raven

Chris made a good point about using the trope-erific “creds” and “credits” being used in place of “dollars” in fells; gate. As I am always looking for ways to subvert tropes, so I have to admit, it is pretty cliché to have elected to use those words. Shame on me.

So, in addition to all of the other things I am doing to avoid writing the next sequence, I am toying around with two words to replace “creds”. The one that grabs me because it starts to fall into the retro elements (c. 1880s) about to make an appearance is “scrip”. But here is my conundrum: I also like the older word it came from, the Old Norse “skreppa”.

The question then: Does “skreppa” sound like I am trying too hard and I should use “scrip”? My gut says yes, but my romantic side says “go for skreppa”.


8 thoughts on “Fake Money

  1. I really like ‘skreppa’ – although I can see how ‘scrip’ could derive from ‘script’ or ‘scribed’ as in something that is ‘marked’ in someway to denote currency or something of value.

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    1. Indeed. The other popular currency type in this genre is New Yen, but I wanted something with a more universal feel to it than the suggestion that any one monetary zone had “won” the currency battle. In fact, I don’t even care to have it identified as Earth (or any specific planet/geography).

      My inclination now is to identify the currency as “skreppa” and the means of storing the currency is on a “stone” (something similar to our current tap-to-pay with the phone, but separate from communications to enhance security). A stone would also store encrypted information confirming your identity.

      Or I may be going down a rabbit hole that will resolve itself. Kali isn’t going to have a “stone”, and will probably carry something else to represent “value”…

      I know: I use both.

      Scrip for those who have stones (in places everywhere where stones are accepted; wink), and a corrupted variant of the word, skreppa, for those using some kind of verified physical currency that has no value topside.

      Pondering this further…

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      1. I like your thinking here – a ‘double currency’ makes perfect sense and, with them being ‘non-transferable’ as it were, it adds to the idea that there can be no upward movement between ‘zones’.

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