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I think I’ll go ahead with this whole serial bit o’ fiction I have my talons into. If the reception over time is lukewarm, I know it was not as good of an idea as I had hoped. On the other hand, you folks could inspire me with cheers, commentary, and probably a few jeers mixed in.

But I’m not posting it tonight.

There are a few issues with what I have so far. Namely: I’m discovering that revisions may keep it from being a hot, steamy, turd of a tale. Imagine that? (We won’t go into the fact that I was largely drunk when I wrote Drifter and how I think that didn’t help matters any. And that drunk revisions wouldn’t have improved it).

Anyway, I also have a couple of other details I need to work out. Namely: I want to make sure that there is no excess, unnecessary language (there currently is), I want to make sure there is consistency and also removal of too much consistency, and I need a better working name I think (Slideways might work, but I’m not 100% sold). And I need some ground rules for myself.

For instance, I want to consider an alternative posting to Wattpad as well as here for those people who like the features Wattpad brings to the table. I think I want to put a limit of 1000 words, maybe 1250, per post and a minimum of 500 words. I want it to be chewy without being more than a mouthful per episode. I am considering one post a week at first and, if I get my ducks in a row and get ahead of the game, possibly move to two episodes a week.

Experimentally, I might want to consider providing an audio component to it, but that spooks the hell outta me, so I dunno. I’m not sure anyone would want to listen to me read all that much. But, it could be an interesting dynamic to the whole concept. I don’t know if it is too much to add on, but it is compelling. Or maybe find some poor soul to read it for me. Recall: I have all the software to tweak it to hell and make things sound pretty damn good, even if recorded on a phone and sent to me for re-enginnering. Of course, that will likely come later as this may very well be a turd.

I think I’m going to sit on it and edit a time or two more before sending it off into the wild. Maybe Sunday evening…

Have a good evening and see you after the break.

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