mushin || day 95: travel 旅行

©2022 Michael Raven

i travel on
wings of a dragonfly
from cattail to reed
& over water
who needs airplanes, cars?
i have a universe to explore
in my own backyard
Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese, ca. 1788)

This series of writing explorations that I call mushin are an attempt to grasp the concept of mushin no shin (mind without mind, 無心の心, often shortened to mushin, or “no-mind”). I am using prompts, as those given and explained in another post, largely because they are Zen and Tao themes for meditation (which suits this exploration), not as an endorsement for the book from which they are derived.

5 thoughts on “mushin || day 95: travel 旅行

    1. And the internet has amplified the whole “meaning and satisfaction are elsewhere” paradigm…

      There is so much I don’t understand about my own back yard, let alone in far off shores.

      Thanks for the comment, it brought more insight to me.

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