Tarot reasons, birth anniversaries, zombies

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I guess I didn’t explain the sudden appearance of single tarot cards yesterday and today. I probably should do that, eh?

I’m approaching my birthday within the next week. I don’t give details on the exact date, but I have had a “tradition”, if two years is enough to establish a tradition, of drawing a single tarot card for several days around my birthday. I don’t know that I would consider it divinatory in nature — let’s just day I do so as an act of personal enquiry into my spiritual inventory. Was that oblique enough? Perhaps.

Anyway, the whole point of the exercise this time around is less about finding bog-standard meaning in the drawing of each card, and more about writing the card. This act may or may not go beyond the birthday week, as I am considering using Tarot as a writing prompt for some of that mushin no shin (mind-without-mind) writing I was imagining earlier this week as becoming a thing for me. With respect to that, I find the various online prompts to not really meet my needs for that, and tarot is a rich and fertile enough ground for symbolism that it might work. I don’t know, which is why I haven’t actually jumped in feet-first yet. I’m toying with using 365 Tao: Daily Meditations (Ming-Dao Deng) for the words, even though I don’t always agree with the author’s interpretations, mostly because it does give a single word or very short phrase along the thematic lines of what I’m thinking I would prefer to use as a prompt if I do the whole mushin no shin thing.

You may have also noticed the rune poems growing less frequent this past week or so. I think it is because I feel I am getting too “bound up” in that symbolism to see it clearly, if that makes sense. I need a bit of a breather. While I can’t imagine anyone stops by just for the runepoems, I do apologize if I’m wrong about that and I do intend to get back to them on a more consistent basis, eventually.

But, back to the business at hand, which is writing something loosely based on the fact that I was born in some ancient time long ago and feel some need to acknowledge that for no other reason than people seem to be fixated on it and that influence rubs off on me. I don’t much care for celebrating the anniversary of my birth, I haven’t for quite some time (since about 35 years old) and the biggest thrill I tend to get is having an excuse to eat out and follow it up with something decadent in the way of dessert.

I’m still waiting for Amazon to correct their pricing before I throw myself into promoting galdr too heavily. I’d rather a delayed launch than a broken launch.

I am also considering dropping off social media for a bit with exceptions made for promotion of the book once the price is corrected. I can’t put my finger on what exactly is giving me unease about it, but it started when I tried to write for the person who thought it was amusing to make every prompt a sexual/BDSM prompt for #VSS365 and that unease has continued, albeit with less revulsion (I have no issue with the topics, but it grosses me out when it all seems geared towards underage girls for the subject matter). It’s isn’t the recent hosts or the words, but something feels off of late in the writing community and I haven’t been included in the conversation if there is a central issue to converse about. There is tension, but I will readily admit it might all be mine. So it might be best to quit tapping into that energy, whether it is from inside me and triggered, or from without.

I’ve been enjoying “We Are All Dead”, a Korean-made zombie-fest on Netflix. It gets silly and unrealistic on occasion but, for a zombie television show, it is pretty good. I can relate to a number of characters, even though my being a high school student was long, long ago. I try to imagine, if I was actually there, which personalities would most likely draw me to them and I am guessing I would probably try to hang out with “the Prez” (a loner who gets all the best grades) or the “smoking rebel senior girl”. Most likely, I would panic and die in the first zombie wave and not get a chance to get to know either.

I have also been delving into the world of Horizon: Forbidden West. It is scratching my exploration itch, so I’ve let it stop me from writing as much as I should. I need to escape at times, at it is one of the few games I have been able to stick with these past few years. It doesn’t hurt that there is a female protagonist involved, which has always appealed to me more than being forced to play a male character. And it doesn’t feel as rinse/repeat as Valhalla or Cyberpunk did, although it does have some — just like every other open-world game. I do think the dialog is superb, however.

That’s it for the update, folks. I’ll end up accosting you with more tedious poetry sooner than later today…

2 thoughts on “Tarot reasons, birth anniversaries, zombies

  1. 21 again, eh? Yeah, I’m with you regarding celebrating the day I was thrust onto an unsuspecting world (but congrats anyway and have a good meal!).
    Some weird shit around on the ‘socials’ – don’t know whether there’s something in the air/planets/general aura/fates etc but sometimes it’s best to step away.
    And what is it about the draw of the past, especially from/for those who perhaps weren’t even there?
    Things to ponder…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anyplace from 19 to 29 seems to be the decade I most associate with feeling most like “me” — in spite of a divorce and a descent into alcoholism, it was the time period I was more confident about myself, had a better sense of place, and didn’t have quite so much of the who impostor syndrome going on. And I still was almost dashing (LOL). Almost.

      The ‘socials’ feel suddenly like there is some kind of struggle going on and that lines have been drawn. It is probably all in my head, but the whole feeling that you need to pick a side (and this isn’t just writers), even if you don’t know what side you’re taking, pervades every social online interaction. It’s just weird. And, as I said, probably 99% me.

      Indeed, things to ponder.

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