©2022 Michael Raven

push scarlet mirrors
fragments sunlight dance
in meadows crustcovered
snow windetched knives

pale yellow lifesapped
scratch the sky waving
bye and by goodbye
meadowsong solstice
in these tundra crawls

all eyes watch performance
stray branch staged
calling for the sun to
come now home

6 thoughts on “performance/

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Miriam ❤

      I hope that you and Val have a great weekend. Maybe spring will finally decide to make an appearance. LOL. If not, try to stay warm 😉


  1. I did write a comment that did not appear…. god!

    Was saying that spring is looking good, better anyway… and my little friend the chipmunk (Tamia Rayé) cam sneaking for almond, which made me very happy!

    I seen you won’t come as much on twitter. I understand, sometime we need a break to kick back up. Meanwhile, I’ll pass by here to read your poetry and take some news of you. Take care Micheal, and thank you for your friendship and kindness. Val say Hi too 🤗🤗🌷

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