flowing through/

©2022 Michael Raven

thistle tongued
i mountain song meadows
walking granite paths
stillwaters flowing beside
rainbow in charlie
flowing through
flowing through

7 thoughts on “flowing through/

    1. We’ve definitely got the cold part going, no rain today. I’m one of those people who loves the rain, which is probably why it didn’t bother me much or at all when I lived in Seattle (or when I visited there two months ago). My favorite kind of rain is in autumn, when it is more of a mist or light rain than a downpour, walking downtown streets in search of nothing much at all.

      What area of the world are you in? The desert SW States?

      I’ll admit, as much as the desert intrigues me (and it does quite ferociously), I’m a cool and wet weather person, if I’m honest.

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      1. I love the rain too. If I’m in a melancholy mood I love a good thunder storm with lots of wind. Otherwise, the misty rain you can walk in is always welcome, especially on the beach.

        I live near Sacramento, CA-we’ve not had much rain at all this year and are looking at drought again heading into the horribly hot summer.

        The desert intrigues me too-the openness and big skies at night with lots of stars, but I see myself probably moving closer to where my father lives someday along the Oregon coast.

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