runepoem | 31 mar 2022

©2022 Michael Raven

entranced & enchanted
by joyous promise
ground out such things
put your ear down & 
listen to the earth

Note: For the purposes of these runepoems, I randomly select three runes and consider the meanings of each rune as I interpret and understand them based on a number of different resources, which may or may not be in alignment with accepted interpretations. I am a rune enthusiast, not an expert or scholar. These “runecasts” are not intended to be treated as divinatory, although there are elements of personal alchemy and shamanic practice in the crafting of each poem.

3 thoughts on “runepoem | 31 mar 2022

  1. Perhaps that’s exactly what I need to do Michael. Put my ear down and listen to the earth. March has been a whirlwind, full of activities and lately I’ve been distracted. It’s like when one has too much to write but don’t know where to begin. It’s not a block. It’s just procrastination.

    A moment to pause and breathe and listen to what really matters is such a beautiful thought. It’s only when we listen can we tell/share/narrate/write……

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    1. This sounds familiar. Too much bouncing around in the head and I often forget to take time to just not think too hard.

      It might be the draw that this whole idea of mushin no shin has for me the last few weeks. I think I need to unplug my brain and set it free.

      Thanks for the comments today. 💕

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