galdr is now available for purchase

©2022 Michael Raven

Hey everyone, we’re finally here. Well, I am anyway.

My first print book (not including a handmade one with a limited run of 20 back in high school) is now available for purchase and available from multiple outlets. I’ll list off a few below, but check your local online retailer to make sure you are getting the best deal on shipping.

If you want more of the revenue to go to Tara and myself, instead of the retailer, Lulu’s storefront sees that the bulk of the revenue after costs are funneled to our coffers instead of to the big guys. There are shipping costs involved, but I believe those are nominal and appropriate:


Of course, if you are an Amazon Prime member and get free shipping that way, or if it is just plain more convenient, you can try using the giant. The currently listed price is higher than intended, so maybe hold off until we get that fixed if you plan to purchase through Amazon. If galdr is priced higher than $9.95 USD, it is still incorrect: (US) (Canada) (UK) (Netherlands) (India) (Japan) — does not currently seem “available” (Australia) — currently not showing up as a listing or available (working to fix)

There is the Barnes and Noble route as well. I can’t seem to find links in other countries, so it may be that the US website handles worldwide sales:

If you have another online retailer that you prefer to use over the above, the book may be available through them as well. Let me know if there are any interesting ones you use that it shows up on and I’ll be happy to drive what traffic I can to other sites.

Thank you in advance for supporting my writing by purchasing a copy of the book. I appreciate it more than you can imagine that you’ve decided that I am worth spending your hard-earned money on.

16 thoughts on “galdr is now available for purchase

  1. Congratulations, Michael! That’s wonderful.
    I’ve book-marked the lulu link. The shipping to South Africa is almost as much as the book itself. The last time I ordered a book from them it took 10 weeks to arrive. It is not available from Amazon in SA. Are you considering releasing as an ebook?

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    1. An ebook is under consideration. The original arrangement was a pocketbook, but several people have enquired about ebooks, so I may work with Tara to get that out as well.

      Thanks for considering a purchase. I really appreciate the interest.

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  2. So today is the big day, ha?!
    Congrats! It is a huge step many want to make, but don’t always do.
    I also have to applaud you for posting all the Amazon links per country!

    I would also be interested in the an ebook!
    I seem to move country way too often, so in general I don’t have a lot of stuff in my home 😅
    (Again, if you need help with that, let me know. On Amazon you can’t just upload a word doc or PDF, so I might be a bit of a hassle)

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    1. As far as links go, I want to make sure people at least have an idea, regionally, where they might pick it up for the best price for them.

      I’m considering having an ebook brought to market, but I am contractually obligated to work though my publisher on other editions and can’t go off on my own to make one. And, seeing as this would never have made it to market in the first place without Raw Earth Ink, it would be poor taste for me to not honor our contract. Thanks for the offer of help, though. I appreciate it.

      I’ll let everyone know if and when we decide to move forward with that option.


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