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galdr is not even live and I’ve got suspicious messages already on FB (obvious attempt to phish when they give me their phone number and ask me to text or call) and, this morning I received a request “to collaborate” in a comment on Instagram, followed by a request to read my messages. Because I assume most people are disinterested in nefarious activity, I checked out the message.

Here is the comment:

Okay, I don’t know why I need to see a private message, but I looked to see if it was worth “accepting” (which would lead to direct messaging, which I am disinclined to do).

And, of course, it wasn’t a collaboration at all, but an attempt to swindle me.

Okay…. Let’s get something straight, if I have to pay someone to review (“an honest and unbiased” one, I’m sure), it’s hardly a review, but a kind of payola — which is potentially illegal in some regions. And, that hardly a book collaboration, by my definition, even if the intent is honest.

I’m not doing this to out the person who did this, but to warn other writers of just how much hinky crap goes on in the artistic world. You should never have to pay someone to include your writing in an anthology, and there is zero honest reason to get charged for a review and a “featured” article, video or not.

As I told them in my comment response, I find it disingenuous to claim that paying someone to review a book is a collaboration by any stretch of the imagination. Of exactly zero surprise to me, they decided to unfollow my account on IG as soon as I pointed this out.

Be careful of supposedly well-meaning offers, my friends. The only person who benefits from this arrangement is the shyster making such offers. (HINT: At least give me links of the example pieces and not hide behind “answer message for more details”).

Unfortunately, there are 14,000 “followers” who didn’t see this for the scam it is.

6 thoughts on “already?

    1. I have a feeling I’m probably the kind of person who attracts this kind of stuff. There was no reason back in the 90s, when I was trying to get published to attract these kinds of offers, and something similar kept happening. And I was not, repeat NOT, publishing material at the time. The rejections and later personal review support that assessment. And yet, I got snail mail with similar offers. Music had some similar experiences back in the day.


      So… Take that as you will. 🤔

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  1. Ugh, I am so sick and tired of people advertising their “services” in this way.
    I have seen illustrators charging extra for a book cover because it usually requires a specified size.
    I am just wondering on what planet that is an inconvenience for illustrators for charge so much more.
    But people just believe them on their word.
    I have seen many people being scammed in this way because they so badly want to make their dream come true, unfortunately ☹️

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    1. So true. In your example, it costs zero time and effort to change the canvas size, but any justification someone can use to increase the cost to someone else seems to be the norm.

      I prefer to work with and support other artists who see this as a mutually beneficial thing. We all lift each other. The other type can go to hell and I have no problem calling them what they are: scam artists.


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