Revenge of the poetry book

©2022 Michael Raven

So a delivery guy came by and dropped something off at my front door. And then he ran like hell, covering his face and leaving a trail of rubber as he cut donuts in the asphalt trying to leave the neighborhood. She didn’t seem to want to be affiliated with what he’d left behind and, after lugging it into the house and opening it up, I can see why.

It was a truly terrifying sight to behold:

It turns out I do have a book with my name on it and it wasn’t a dream.

I am still a bit in shock, to be honest, but it is real, has physical heft and my hands don’t pass through the cover when I reach out and touch it. And! It even has writing inside that looks remarkably like somehting I might have written at one point:

Or this:

Excuse my french.

Links will be coming soon, for those interested in purchasing this… this… thing that is totally not imaginary. Suffice it to say, it will be available through most of the usual suspects in the coming weeks.

Weeks? Ack!

20 thoughts on “Revenge of the poetry book

    1. Tara is responsible for the looks with the exception of some elements of the cover art. I had a young artist I know design non-text elements based on some rough guidelines for what I had in mind.

      But if it looks good, that’s all Tara Caribou’s magic. I just offered up the selection of poor poems and she made them look good.

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      1. Well from what I saw it looks really good.
        I E never considered outsource those kinds of things but seeing your results I’m thinking that put it in more experienced hands would be the best thing.

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