9 thoughts on “Prickles and goo

  1. Those guys sure did make an awesome animation from Watts’s words. I’m a prickly goo or a gooey prickle. And to be honest, sometimes it is a blessing, and sometimes it is a curse.

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    1. I know how it is. It seems I trend towards being awfully gooey near the pricklier people and insanely prickly around the gooier people. And then, it sometimes just the day that makes me more prickly when I wish I was more gooey than I’m afraid I come off as being. ❤

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      1. This is true. Watts, however, does make the assumption here that we (as a race) are constantly judgemental of one another – and again, I’m sure we can both find examples to justify this (I can think of one individual who would be vehemently opposed to something until you took their point of view, at which they would do a complete 180) but I’m not sure that this is true. I think that it is possible to be fluid within a structure without getting tied down and without damning any other outlook. Hope that makes some sense.

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        1. It makes sense.

          It’s is important that Watts also said he wasn’t a guru, but an entertainer. He seemed largely open to assuming there was a completely different, equally valid, opinion to his own.

          Mostly, I think he like to think and listen to himself speak about what he thought. 🙂

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