The call of the triptych

©2022 Michael Raven

Towint and Krista have both agreed to the skeletal outline of my mad collaborative scheme proposed a few days ago. [Cue evil overlord laughter: “Mwahahahaha”].

Silliness aside… Here’s the short version:

I’d said I was looking for folks to do some collaborative writing, expecting exactly zero bites. I have received several now, much to my surprise, but Krista and Towint were the first and both foolishly left it up to me to propose something. Harshi had a specific request. The fall-out is that I thought a three-way collaboration could be interesting, specifically a triptych of three short pieces each to give nine total fragments of a triptych whole. And that the prompts for each of the three pieces we each were to write would come from a random three tarot cards. If it seems like a lot of threes, then you are starting to see my madness for what it is. I also suggested just to put additional limits on it, that we each limit ourselves to 100 words TOTAL for all three contributions we each make (Why not a multiple of three? Because that seemed to be too much, even for a madman such as myself).

In bullet list format (because I like bullet lists for these things):

  • Each of us writes 3 poems or very short prose or very short fiction for each card.
  • The word limit for all three is 100 words, in any combination (33/33/34 or 15/45/40 or 55/5/40 or…)
  • We all use the tarot prompts given however we see fit (not necessarily limited to recognized meanings; e.g., the picture gives an idea that has nothing at ALL to do with tarot or the meaning of the card.). Heck, if you want to create something entirely different (drawing, collage, musical composition, photos, etc.), I consider that as a cool contribution as well.
  • Everyone has a full week to send their offerings for the Muses to me.

The prompts are [drumroll]:

  • Six Nine of Wands
  • Three of Cups, reversed
  • Seven of Swords

Early next week, I assemble them in some meaningful way (if possible; in general, if not) and repost all as a single collaborative piece (I’ll follow up with Towint and Krista on private channels to give them the place to send them to me). If you want to add your own exploration of the idea, feel free to do so and send it to me on the contact form on my “About” page so I and make sure everyone visiting sees your contribution to the insanity. Although I’ll probably only rework our three contributions to fit together, I will make the post long as necessary to include everyone who contributes, and to make sure you get some kind of link to where you normally write.

9 thoughts on “The call of the triptych

  1. Oh, three songs, okay. I though each of us would write one for one card, lol. This works too. But… I have so much questions. The format? The rhyme? The perspective? Should those three be connected thematically or stylistically or..? Can I have 99 words and not 100?

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    1. Questions are good. They are great doorways to me learning how to improve how I communicate.

      Do not feel you need to restrict yourself to poetry, verse or song — if you want to write in prose, that is great too. There are no limits other than 100 words (if you use words at all). If you want to write fewer than 100 words, then write 99. Or 27. Or none (if, for instance, you decide to create visual interpretations of the cards). There are no meter or rhyming requirements if you write verse/poetry. I personally dislike following too many conventions.

      No theme requirements. You can keep it to a single theme, if you wish, for your contribution. But you are not required to do so.

      Really, those three cards are for you to do what you want with them. Absolutely anything.

      Does that answer all of your questions? I’m happy to answer more if you have them.


  2. Hi Machael, don’t you think I’ve forgotten about this! Earth day was perfect for my prompt; yet, better late than never. Thank you for including me. 🙂


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