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I honestly didn’t expect responses regarding my Call Out post yesterday. I’ve post such things in the past and largely received radio silence. And then, Towint and Krista both actually responded with raised hands and I had to actually think about what I might do if I were to work on a collaborative effort with not only someone, but sometwo.

Thinking is hecking hard when you only have two brain cells and they’re not currently on speaking terms.

In the past, I’ve directly contacted folks when I’ve gotten it into my head to collaborate (and may still do so, depending on the results of this post), or they have contacted me — but as I was thinking about the “how” of what I might propose, I started to have dangerous monsters rear their ugly heads inside my head (see: two brain cells, not on speaking terms, so it must be monsters). And I thought I’d propose something, well, weird.

Seeing as there are three of us total and we all dabble in poetry (okay, they write, I dabble), I got it into my head that doing a triptych kind of thing could potentially be interesting. What is a triptych? Funny you should ask…

From the almighty Wikipedia, from which nothing is ever wrong:

A triptych (/ˈtrɪptɪk/ TRIP-tik; from the Greek adjective τρίπτυχον “triptukhon” (“three-fold”), from tri, i.e., “three” and ptysso, i.e., “to fold” or ptyx, i.e., “fold”) is a work of art (usually a panel painting) that is divided into three sections, or three carved panels that are hinged together and can be folded shut or displayed open.[…] Beyond its association with art, the term is sometimes used more generally to connote anything with three parts, particularly if integrated into a single unit.

from the Wikipedia article, Triptych

Those who know me very well at all know that I am enamored with the number three. Three is one of my favorite numbers, if someone can have such a ‘thing’.

And, because I’m a bit of a nutcase, I really would love it if all three of us did three very short poems with a common theme and mashed them together (triptychs within a triptych). And just to put some constraint on it, put a 100-word limit on each individual effort (I had considered 81 words, but that might overkill on the 3s).

And, just to prove I’m kind of off my rocker, I was thinking the common theme would be…

Drawing three random tarot cards and letting each of us write our personal triptychs based on those three random inspirations (not as a tarot reading, just as prompts).

The reason I’m posting and not contacting Towint and Krista directly is that I’d like to get their thoughts on such an absurd adventure and see if anyone else wants to jump in, as well forewarning about the kind of weirdness you can expect from me — just ask Tara about my warped ideas for collaborative efforts.

I’m going to see how well the polling block works in WordPress, so give me your two cents below in the poll. If it doesn’t work within the WordPress Reader (as these things are wont to do), then either use a full browser, or just use the comments to express your opinion.

To Towint or Krista, let me know if this is too odd for either of you. I can split off things into individual collaborations if either (or both) of you are not cool with it.

14 thoughts on “Follow-up

  1. My favorite number (yes, people have those) is nine, so since three and nine work awesome together, 81 sounds like a fun challenge.
    Love the Tarot card prompt. I presume we all have a deck, right? Would be good to take a photo of the card we drew in our hand or over half of our face or something and play with those three images and combine them together too.
    Will follow up and read what you’ve got figured out. Just presume that I’m a weirdo who is pretty much up for anything when it comes to art 😉
    Disclaimer: I am going out tonight and will not sober up until some time tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding 💚

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    1. I was thinking about doing the drawing myself and sharing the result for the prompt. But we can work it any way that pleases everyone involved.

      I understand the next-day experience better than you might guess. Mine was every day. Good thing those are over for me 😉.

      I have a feeling it may take a day or so to figure out the details. You’re safe. 🤣


    1. Those are great ideas. I’m waiting to see if Krista is up with my shenanigans before I get too invested.

      @Krista, we can do something different between the two of us if this is not your cup of tea.

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