Call out

©2022 Michael Raven

Time for the occasional, infrequent, and largely ineffectual call out to see if anyone is interested in collaboration with respect to music, poetry, short fiction or questionable rituals involving apples and katanas.

If, for some obscure, mad reason, this sounds interesting to you, say something below or via the contact page. You might DM me on Instagram or Twitter, if that’s preferable

Otherwise nodding and smiling is completely acceptable and will not be held against you. However, I will take down names.

11 thoughts on “Call out

  1. Put me down for questionable rituals involving apples. Skip the katanas. I bruise easily.

    Poetry and short fiction sound interesting. As for music, you don’t want that, trust me.

    A nod and smile? Goes without saying.


  2. Hey Michael! Can I collaborate with you for a Rune poem? You choose the runes and I weave a poem around it. Or, both of us can pen two different poems around the same runes which you pick.

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    1. Here are your three runes, Harshi:

      gebo – ᚷ
      wunjo – ᚹ
      berkana – ᛒ

      When you’re done, send it to me either through the contact page, as a comment below, or let me know how I can link to it here. I’m curious as to what you come up with.

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  3. Hi Michael! Just conforming the meaning of each one of them.

    gebo – Giving (Gift, generosity, wedding)
    wunjo – Joy (Hope, harmony, fellowship, Perfection, friendship, kindred) Also called the rune of love
    berkana – Birch Goddess (Rebirth, sanctuary, plant life, mature wisdom, healing, safety)

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