Tarot for Fun || 10 march 2022

©2022 Michael Raven

Once again feeling a little more obtuse for the day. I have a personal query, which I don’t particularly care to divulge and so I won’t. And it isn’t one that requires much knowledge of the cycle of time or ørlǫg (I mean, it could, but I phrased it as a “How do I go about…?” type of query), so I will not be “invoking” Nornir on this one. In this case, I’ll use a “Current situation / Obstacle / Advice” interpretation without any preface to the query, as I think these are self-evident areas.

Three Cards Spread | Subject: Personal [undisclosed]

Current Situation (VI Cups, inverted)

Recently, I may have lost touch with my inner child and have focused on things other than having a “curious mind” of a child. I may need to make time to delve into the creative mind.

Obstacle (XI Justice)

The challenge in moving forward in accepting responsibility for the choices I am and will be making, accepting the consequences of taking on those choices and following through with them as best as I am able.

Advice (XIV Temperence)

Learning moderation will be key to success and that my approach should one that seeks a balance in what I hope to accomplish — not setting unrealistic expectations, but a balanced view that allows energy to flow through me unhindered.

Note: Biddy Tarot is my resource for understanding the card meaning. Different references may result in a different interpretation of the cards.

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