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Yep, that’s the word of the day. Onerous.

I have a frustrating project for work. I managed to finish my part ahead of schedule, no thanks to the people involved, who did their best to handicap me, argue with me, and then tell me what I had been saying needed to be done all along should have been done (“Why didn’t you?” “Because you told me not to.” “I never said such a thing.” “Sigh.”)

And, so, with tears in my eyes, I took shovels and rakes and got the work done in record time. In my email, I said: “Well, I know we were only going to categorize things as A, B, and C, but a few things are kinda A/B, just so you know.” “Oh! That’s valuable! Why didn’t you do that?” “Because when I suggested D, which is really A/B, you nixed the idea and said it was simpler to just have A/B/C groups.” “Really? I don’t think that’s what I said.” “Sigh.”

And that was only one instance (okay, maybe two) in my onerous day. There were others related to work. And personal stuff.

Like minding my own business and Dropbox informing me I had only 10GB space left on my primary drive with one of their popups. Really? That seems odd.

Sure enough… there were on 10GB on my SDS that runs Windows.

After much diddling, I discovered that really hot deal I got on Corel Suite was the culprit. If you like Corel, I suggest you scroll past this next section, because I am about to abuse it.

You see, I thought I had scored big with a Humble Bundle and Corel. I’ve been using GIMP for my art manipulation, which is free, but Corel used to be like B-grade Photoshop and so I thought it would be a great deal to get the full suite for $15. Until I installed it and it turned into more of a malware (“UPDATE TO CORELPAINT 2022! FOR A MERE $300!”) with constant, daily popups with hidden controls to switch off. But then it started keeping these messages, each of them, even after I had shut them off, in a fucking folder on my primary drive, amounting to 20GB of fricking garbage that I never even saw. So I said, screw it — MSPaint is better software anyway for simple things (it is) and GIMP is fine for complex things. I’ll uninstall Corel.

It left about another 20GB of debris scattered all over my SDS — and then… refused to uninstall the primary program. (Uninstalling…. [check programs I can uninstall to clear up space and CorelPaint is still there].) So, it has become uninstallable malware. Which is fine. I went nuclear on it with deletion, and used CCleaner to remove the fricking registry entries. And then, deleted everything that bastard left behind. Suddenly, my SDS has nearly half of its total space available and, if I deleted Guild Wars 2, I’d have 2/3 of it empty.

But, MAN, after cleaning up everything (tempfiles, cache, junk), my browser is back to being Speedy Gonzales. Until the internet farted and lost my connection earlier…


Hope your day was less onerous than mine seems to be determined to be. When I was still partaking of the stuff, this would have been my cue to crack open a beer. Maybe a little Jameson.

Lucky for everyone, it is only a passing thought — more one out of amusement than any actual consideration.

Drunk me… That would be onerous for everyone else in who had to deal with me. /shudder/

Thank goodness I was given a few out-loud laughs throughout the day. Made it less onerous.

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