old days/

©2022 Michael Raven

a graveyard of lost selves:
step inside -> this horrorshow
atrocities buried in freakshow
hirsute geeking tinfoil ladies
a mermonkey swimming bile
it's high in protein your fortunes
                   please cross
my palm silver and i give you
              everything give you
carny my reptile, daughter
and lend the devil, my drug

and when it goes dark
we ride calliopes widdershins young
iced princess kisses
on a salesman's lips
halloween in april just like july
every, this eve. everday, my love 

we kissed under the blacklight
twins joined at the lips dry
oh -- flaked with age
lend me that forked tongue so
i can taste what you smell

medusa in drag...
singing an old gershwin tune
just like our old days
days just like these #

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