©2022 Michael Raven

you were the winter queen
summer rode in
full mane flowing
in doling out delight
you turned us to stone
cracking the table
in green fields flowed white
escaped, we danced
the fir tree tango
landing lamplight in
a tumble
drunk on brandy again

8 thoughts on “othersideways/

    1. Well, we just got a half inch of freezing rain followed by three inches of the white stuff after all the roads had just gotten finally melted… While I don’t mind winter, this bit of slip-and-slide is for the birds.

      I’m an autumn guy, mostly. Then spring. Then winter. Summer… Gets too humid and hot around here for my Nordic blood.

      But I’m ready for a thaw…

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        1. I think we’re looking at refreeze here overnight. LOVELY. At least they managed to clear the roads early enough that much of it baked off in the sun, but the sidewalks and driveway will be treacherous.

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          1. This year has been horrible here. They must have cut funding to the roads because now they aren’t plowing or sanding and the roads are Terrible this winter. I can’t remember a year in Alaska like this before. I mean, when I lived in the states they often didn’t take care of winter roads well, but here.. they’re always good… except this winter.

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