Deep breath

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Right. Let’s do this then, shall we?

One of my fiddly distractions has always been document set-up. Let me tell you, I can find all kinds of ways to avoid the actual process of writing when I put my mind to it. Scrivener is a viper’s nest of distraction for me, which is why, a while back, I started to develop a template or six in methods of writing that suit me so I don’t have that excuse going into something new. Even then, I can find ways to tweak it — this time around, I was unhappy with the character template after fussing about with a surname for Winter (not Zelda, as in my “test swatch” a few days ago) and futzed with that noise to make it more pleasing to my current eye. Then, I found the default variable width font distracting, so I had to set it up so I got some mono font action going on. And that was, in part because Scrivener had an update fail, so I had to reinstall it to get the bugfixes.

Am I done wasting time? Apparently not, as I needed to decide what to use as a working name to save my effort, so I went back to the second iteration of naming (Gloamfell will no longer apply in this iteration… I don’t think) and, as you can see in the screenshot above, I ended up naming with a working title Knives in the Side of the Dawn, which is borrowed from a song which you’ll have to Google and was the 2020 NaNoWriMo name, which does work with what I have envisioned (but might totally change by the time I actually stop delaying and get around to writing this story).

But wait: there’s more!

I had another rough night last night with this damned shoulder. By the time I got around to being done with work and being resident short-order chef and doing all kinds of dreary old boring stupid things, setting this whole thing up… I’m in no position to actually do any real meaningful writing this evening before bed. And that doesn’t include the fact that I haven’t given the next step much thought, which is what I’ll do when I sign off of the internet for the evening before shuffling off to bed.

The life of a writer. I envy those people who can dedicate time to writing without being exhausted or responsible to a shit-tonne of other things. That said, I do my fair share of farting around and I am going to start making a concerted effort to set aside and hour or two each day to actually work on this.

Will I be sharing it like I have with other experiments in the past? In this particular case, I don’t think so. This feels like one of those progress-report things, maybe sharing bits and bobs, but not share as a WiP. I can’t say why it feel like that other than, well… If I actually finish it and edit it, I think I want some of it to be a surprise if you end up reading the whole thing. An unusual stance for me, but there you have it.

Anyway, I need to go be responsible yet again, so I’ll start pondering what horrible things I can do to my characters to make them regret life in general.

2 thoughts on “Deep breath

  1. Having completed a novel and a collection of short stories recently while working a FT job, driving three hours a day to get my kid to school far away and back in the evenings, run the gamut of a being a single dad and working on my new, post-divorced life with a new love and fiancee, it’s enough for me to carve out time to hit the gym regularly. Getting these manuscripts done the past few months has been a challenge, a juggle and filled with a lot less sleep, though it was far worse when I was writing in the music industry and covering shows and band interviews with my copy and photos due the following day. I feel your point about exhaustion, my friend. At the end it all, there’s sublime satisfaction in the creative process, with hopeful reward of an audience, much less publishing acceptance. It’s why we do it to the rawest nerve we have inside of us.

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    1. Wow! I’m just a lazy ass in comparison (although I had those moments in the past, so maybe I’m making up for not having the energy to be exhausted in the past).

      You’ll have to let us know when the book(s) release. I’d like to check them out. Lemme know if you have social media accounts so I can promote for you on my channels.

      And you still time to toss axes?


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