Also, on writing

©2022 Michael Raven

Occasionally: I’ve got this. Time to roll up my sleeves and start writing my masterpiece.

The rest of the time: Holy f*ck, what the HELL am I thinking? Who gave me permission to write? Do I have the necessary paperwork? Training? I am so screwed. I better just back away slowly from the keyboard and go back to something I am more qualified to do — like sitting. Quietly. Like a potato.

10 thoughts on “Also, on writing

    1. Seconds, this morning.

      First: I liked where my mind was with the reboot I tried on. Ready to hit it and continue… Went on twitter and saw someone talking about editors and this and that and the other thing that editors do and I crumpled into a quivering heap of self-doubt.

      All in less than a minute.

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      1. Oh, I so relate. I go on twitter and see the thousands of people trying to sell their books and I feel this overwhelming sense of “why bother” and “I’m not good enough.” I think to keep creating and writing we must be almost ignorantly hopeful.

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        1. Exactly.

          I’m just dumb enough to assume that if I finish something I like enough to publish that I won’t bother with the big guys and just do it myself. All that hand-wringing I see on Twitter looks worse than what I do for pay — and I can’t imagine doing what I do to pay the bills for free.

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