runepoem | 27 february 2022

©2022 Michael Raven

There will be no runepoem today because the same three runes appeared as that which appeared two days ago, on 25 february. That, I think, says quite a bit (along with the persistent appearance of mannaz (ᛗ)) in the drawings, in spite of generous mixing of runes between drawings.

Considering the current events, the appearance of mannaz (ᛗ) on a regular basis is suggestive, considering that it is the rune of humanity, mankind, social order, compassion, and human potential (among other symbolism).

With the madman Putin using the threat of nuclear armaments in the past 24 hours, I suggest we reflect on that symbolism.

I stand with anyone, not just Ukraine, who stands against authoritative madness. As the border crossing said when told to stand down by a Russian warship: Go fuck yourself[, Putin].

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